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Mountain Biking

     Hi, I'm Bruce! I would like to welcome you to Shrews House B & B and Carriage House.
     My early years were spent in Danville, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then, I have also lived in Los Angeles, Paris and Park City, Utah. For the past ten years, I have found a home here, in the beautiful, cultural town of Ashland.
     I taught high school history for many years, however, the majority of my professional career has been in travel and hospitality. For NBC Sports, I have hosted  Wimbledon and the French Open tennis tournaments.  I have also led professional guided tours throughout the world for major tour operators and scholastic groups.
     Some of my favorite sports are boating on Lake Tahoe, skiing in Switzerland and walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. However, since owning the Shrews House B&B, my new exciting sports include weeding, ironing, painting walls, and skimming the pool! There is always something which needs to be done!
     I look forward to meeting you all and sharing stories around the continental breakfast table!
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